SHOP UPDATE - As of 9am Saturday 6th June We will now be able to allow ONE customer in the shop at a time in order to view and purchase dry goods and Koi!! For viewing of koi appointments are to be made prior to visiting to avoid potential wait. Dry goods can be brought out to you should there already be a customer in the shop. Time spent in the shop premises needs to be limited to allow other customers access and to avoid delays to them. Social distancing rules will apply, please keep 2 metres apart from staff. Please avoid handling goods and use hand sanitiser upon entering and leaving premises.

Japan Spring 2020

1st Day:

HQ Jumbo Nissai Showa

Breeder: Hirasawa

Size: 52-56cm

Price: £995 Each 

 Tosai Mix selected 

Breeder: Yamazaki

Size: 16-23cm

49 Pieces 

Price: £60-£80 Each

Goshiki & one Kujaku

Age: Nissai

Breeder: Yamazaki

Size: 45-47cm

Price: £425 x2  £595 X3


Day 2

Selected Kohaku, Ginrin Kohaku, Ginrin Showa & Showa

Breeder: Maruhiro

Age: Nissai

Size: 38-40cm

Price: £ 295- £375 Each

 Day 3

HQ Nissai Shiro Utsuri, Kohaku & Showa

Breeder: Marusei

Size: 43cm-45cm

Price: £375- £425 Each


Selected Tosai Asagi, Kujaku, Makashi & Kirin

Breeder: Wada

Size: 20-25cm

Price: £70-£80 Each

High Quality Hi-Utsuri 


Breeder: Marusei

Age: Nissai

Size: 45-50cm

Price: £695 each


🇯🇵 🇯🇵 🇯🇵 it’s that time of year when James heads to Japan to select only the finest Koi for the shop!! James commences his visit on the 8th February - 15th February.. any specific requirements contact James or keep an eye on, Japan visit page 2020 🇯🇵 🇯🇵 🇯🇵