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Japan Spring 2020

1st Day:

HQ Jumbo Nissai Showa

Breeder: Hirasawa

Size: 52-56cm

Price: £995 Each 

 Tosai Mix selected 

Breeder: Yamazaki

Size: 16-23cm

49 Pieces 

Price: £60-£80 Each

Goshiki & one Kujaku

Age: Nissai

Breeder: Yamazaki

Size: 45-47cm

Price: £425 x2  £595 X3


Day 2

Selected Kohaku, Ginrin Kohaku, Ginrin Showa & Showa

Breeder: Maruhiro

Age: Nissai

Size: 38-40cm

Price: £ 295- £375 Each

 Day 3

HQ Nissai Shiro Utsuri, Kohaku & Showa

Breeder: Marusei

Size: 43cm-45cm

Price: £375- £425 Each


Selected Tosai Asagi, Kujaku, Makashi & Kirin

Breeder: Wada

Size: 20-25cm

Price: £70-£80 Each

High Quality Hi-Utsuri 


Breeder: Marusei

Age: Nissai

Size: 45-50cm

Price: £695 each


🇯🇵 🇯🇵 🇯🇵 it’s that time of year when James heads to Japan to select only the finest Koi for the shop!! James commences his visit on the 8th February - 15th February.. any specific requirements contact James or keep an eye on www.pffkoi.co.uk, Japan visit page 2020 🇯🇵 🇯🇵 🇯🇵