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Japan Spring 2019

Date 03/05/19

Today was our last buying day here in japan. After breakfast we set off to visit Takakahashi koi farm which was about 45m drive from our hotel. We usually buy nissai showa from here, however there were some lovely  nissai doitsu Kohaku and Beni Kumunyu at a good price. So we decided to pick some of these and also a beautiful  showa. This took us up to lunch time,we made our way back to the Philippine resturant for a bite to eat. There was only one thing left i really needed to get and that was some HQ Jumbo tosai Showa and this year we was struggling to find any available. Sato our driver for the Day, then had a phone call from Izumiya saying that he will let us select Tosai showa he has available but we were leaving in the morning and he could only do this in a few days time. Sato our driver kindly suggested that he would go there and select the best showa for us, So we took him up on this offer and did not regret one bit. So thats the end of of our spring trip this year and can't wait for them to arrive back at the UK.

Izamiya Very High Quality Tosai Showa. Good Bodys


Date 02/05/19

First place today was going back to Marukryu (Kyochan) and this time for some nissai and im very pleased with the outcome. After Marukryu it was a drive to Ikarashi Kazuto but unfortainly nobody was there, so we stoped at the shop for a lunch break and then it was time for our apointment with Isa Maruryo to select more tosai.

 High Quality Nissai Tancho Sanke Kohaku & Sanke 45 55cm



Date 01/05/19

After breakfast we headed straight  to Kawaguchi,which is where  Murusho koi farm is located, I really enjoy visiting this breeder because we always get a warm welcome.He mainly breeds Koromo,goromo kujaku & kohaku, I managed to select some of is tosai. Then a short drive to Marusada koi farm which is where I picked  a box of his tosai, that was the morning finished.

We had lunch at the Ramen restaurant. In the afternoon then

it was back to marusei to find a nice big benigoi for a customer 

And we were very successful indeed finding a unique red 

eye (Akame) female benigoi 83cm.




Date 30/04/19

First stop was Marukyru koi farm and selected some of 

his Tosai for the shop. We ended up with 13 pieces 

of kohaku and Sanke. Then it was off to tanaka kazeharo 

first thing a noticed here that the beni kikokuryu were good 

so we selected a nice box of nissai. Also we picked out 

some of his smaller tosai that were a nice interesting variety mix.

After a busy morning it was time for a bite to eat and then spent 

the afternoon at Sakai yamamatsu and Maruhiro just looking 

at there stocks. 

Jumbo Tosai Marukryu 25-30cm 13 pieces.

Hi Quality Nissai Beni Kikokuryru 35-40cm


Selected Tosai Mix Ginrin Asagi,Asagi,Doitsu Ochiba,Beni kikokuryu,Matsukawabake few kohaku & Sanke.

Date 29/04/19

We set off nice and early and arrived at Oofuchi for look 

at nissai available. After having a good look I decided the 

quality wasn’t enough to buy this time, so we moved on 

to Marusei koi Farm. After a coffee I bowled up a nice 

67cm Hi utsuri and 56cm char-utsuri (these are for a 

customers order) so waiting to see if he wants them before 

i purchase them. Then we moved on to select 

some nissai/Sansai for the shop and in total I got 15



 Nissai Hi Utsuri,Kindai Showa,Showa and Sanke 40-50cm


 Nissai Bekko,Doitsu Karashigoi x2,Ginrin Sorigoix2,Yamabuki x1,Hi Utsuri x1 Makashi ogon x1, Aka Matsuba x1 & Asagi x1 40-50cm

 large koi at marusei fish house 

Date 24/04/19

We are set to fly out to japan for our Spring buying trip this coming Saturday and should be with the breeders Sunday 28th. Check back soon for our daily updates here in Japan.

Date 20/03/19

We have already started purchasing some great koi from Japan. I had i call to say these are available. I could not let these go as the quailty is amazing.

High Quality Nissai from Aoki will be arriving to our store soon.

These koi are availble to buy now.

Click on koi for sale at top of page and go to Japan visit 2019 






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