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Draco Drums

Draco drums where designed as a more affordable drop in solution that is easy to use. Initial price of a drum was always very expensive and then there were the hidden costs of plumbing a standalone unit in, usually involving lots of expensive 4 inch pipe and just the pure hassle of having to move everything around to physically fit them in to any existing system. Sometimes this scenario alone ruled out drum installs for most. Also there seems to be a bit of an “arms race” of extra features going on and on face value this seems to make them more complex for the user to install and use. There must be a simpler way.

From the absolute start, Draco Drums where designed to fit in the front of an ERIC filter to replace the subjectively high maintenance brush box system used in these units. The brief was to come up with a product that could drop in without a single modification to the original filter. It then had to be extremely easy to “wire up” and commission and then it had to be easy to maintain, with everything easily replaceable. It also had to have all the features needed to make a drum work but keep it within the chassis of the drum to allow it to be installed in almost any situation, no matter how tight.

The result is a drum that not only fits in an ERIC filter, but fits the 300 series Nexus units and single inlet vortexes over 33 inches in Diameter. We are also looking at multi chamber units but on a case by case basis as there are so many different types. Spring 2016 will see the introduction of a standalone unit and a smaller drum for nexus 200 series filters and smaller vortexes and larger multibays.

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