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Cloverleaf Absolute Chloramine T

Cloverleaf Absolute Chloramine T

Park Farm Fisheries Koi Sales

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Cloverleaf Absolute Chloramine T is suitable for the treatment of bacterial infections such as body ulcers, finrot, and systemic bacterial diseases. Chloramine T can also be used to aid in the control of aquatic pathogens. Absolute CT speeds recovery time and is safe for use with Koi and all other ornamental fish. It is recommended to use Cloverleaf Absolute Bio-Gel after a coarse of Absolute CT to supplement and maintain a healthy level of beneficial bacteria with the filter system.

Absolute CT should not be used in soft water as this can pose to be very toxic to pond inhabitants. Therefore prior to treatment a pH level of at least 7 or above, and a general hardness of above 6°dH should be measured. It is possible to treat water below these minimum levels by reducing the dosage by 75%. However the effectiveness of Absolute Chloramine T will be reduced and care should be taken to monitor the fish being treat. Please note Absolute CT should not be used with salt or at temperatures below 10°C.

Cloverleaf Absolute Chloramine T Dosage:

Add 10g per 4546ltr (1000Gal)

Apply treatment every day for a maximum of 4 days. Switch off UVC until the treatment course has been completed.

Absolute Chloramine T can also be used to sterilise nets and other aquatic equipment at a rate of 5g per 45L.

Pack Sizes Available:
- 55g for 4 treatments of 6,250ltr (1375Gal)
- 110g for 4 treatments of 12,500ltr (2750Gal)
- 220g for 4 treatments of 25,000ltr (5,500Gal)