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Aqua Source Aqua Balance Vitalize 1Ltr

Aqua Source Aqua Balance Vitalize 1Ltr

Park Farm Fisheries Koi Sales

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  • Improves well being and vitality of your fish and pond
  • Strengthens fishes natural immune system
  • Contains natural ingredients including Aloe Vera to help relieve stress
  • Can be used a dechlorinator
  • Can be used to neutralise potassium permanganate
  • Available in 2 sized bottles; 1Ltr & 2.5Ltr

Aqua Source Aqua Balance Vitalize has been developed to help your fish thrive and keep your pond healthy. Aqua Balance Vitalize strengthens the natural immune system of your fish, thus improving resistance against pathogens.

The combination of natural ingredients in Vitalize, including Vitamins and Aloe Vera, can help after stressful situations such as transportation, netting, rainfall, pH changes and after adding medication to the pond. Vitalize can also aid recovery from wounds and ulcers.

Vitalize can be used as a dechlorinator (dosage 20ml per 1000 litres changed) and also removes heavy metals.

Vitalize can also be used to neutralise potassium permanganate, which is very useful if your fish are in distress during treatment. This can be performed at a dose rate of 20ml per 1000 litres, whilst a further 20ml per 1000 litres will clear the water from brown to clear.

Aqua Source Aqua Balance Vitalize Dosage Rates:

- Aqua Source Aqua Balance Vitalize 1Ltr - Treats 20,000 litres
- Aqua Source Aqua Balance Vitalize 2.5Ltr - Treats 50,000 litres