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Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Gel

Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Gel

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Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Gel is comprised of millions of living bacteria and has been specially developed for the start up and maintenance of pond biological filtration systems through nitrification. Absolute Bio Gel has been developed for direct application in filter systems where the gel formulation allows bacteria to adhere more effectively to the filter media.

Absolute Bio Gel dramatically shortens the start-up time of a filter system. A process which normally requires around 6-8 weeks may be reduced to just 2-4 weeks with the use of Cloverleaf Bio Gel. Absolute Bio Gel is also ideal for use after cleaning or replacing any of the filter media.

Absolute Bio Gel bacteria is 100% natural, certified free from all pathogens, easy to use and cannot be overdosed.

How To Use Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Gel:
Add 20ml per 1000 litres weekly. For best results turn off UVC and/or ozone equipment for 60 minutes after dosing.

Dose Rate:
Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Gel 1Ltr Treats 10,000Ltr (2,200 Gal)
Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Gel 5ltr Treats 50,000Ltr (11,000 Gal)