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Cloverleaf Acriflavine Answer
Cloverleaf Acriflavine Answer
Cloverleaf Acriflavine Answer

Cloverleaf Acriflavine Answer

Park Farm Fisheries Koi Sales

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  • Ideal for bacterial fish diseases
  • Treats red wounds, ulcers, body and fin rot
  • 3 sizes available; 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre

Cloverleaf Acriflavine Answer is a stronger treatment for use when being troubled by persistent problems of red wounds, open ulcers, blotches on the body and fin-rot.

Diseases and probable cause:

Damage – cause: Accidental when breeding, attacked by heron, sudden disturbance
Symptoms: reddish scrapping on body of fish, large open wound, missing scales.

Fin and tail rot – cause: Bacteria
Symptoms: blood streaking and rotting away reddish tips to effected area.

Cloverleaf Acriflavine Answer Dosage:

Use 10ml per 364 litres (80 Gallons).

Can be applied up to 3 times as a course of treatment leaving 7 days between each application. Switch off UVC for 5 days after each applictaion.

Use above 10°c and below 30°c.

Do not repeat a course of treatment for 10 days or use other medications.