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Cloverleaf Genesis 3 bay Filter 3500

Cloverleaf Genesis 3 bay Filter 3500

Park Farm Fisheries Koi Sales

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An extremely effective 3 stage bay filter, suitable for both community ponds and Koi ponds. Available and instock at ParkFarmFisheries.

Product Information

The Genesis 3500 can be either pump or gravity fed. If the filter is being pump fed you will need a Cloverleaf pump adaptor. This will convert the pump pressure to volume to maximise the efficiency of the vortex of the filter. The filter comprises of 3 separate biological/mechanical chambers. The vortex acting as the first chamber has an inlet arm set off centre and is media free. The second chamber is fitted with mechanical brushes which rest on top of a grid. The third chamber contains your outlet and media of Aqua rock and foams, the rock again rests on a grid inside the green media bags supplied and foams placed on top of the Aquarock, foams should follow the order of fine on bottom, medium and then coarse. Each chamber has a discharge incorporated to allow for easy waste control Your filter comes supplied with a valve kit to control the waste disposal

  • Suitable for Koi ponds up to 1,750 gallons (7875 litres),
  • Goldfish ponds up to 3,500 gallons (15,750 litres).
  • Size 1590 x 510 x 630mm.

Again this unit is also very useful if fed from a skimmer unit on a larger pond.

Note: Pipe inlet size 110mm (4") - Outlet 82mm (3").