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Draco Drum Medius Combi unit
Draco Drum Medius Combi unit

Draco Drum Medius Combi unit

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Draco Drum Medius Combi unit

So here it is Draco’s New Bigger Medius Combi unit, with 58 micron screen as standard, 16 drum upfront, with capacity for 150 litres of media in the biological section.
• 12mm end plates and single piece curved body with integrated powder coated steel frame using slot and weld construction for maximum robustness
• Drum capable of 16000 litres an hour on standard 58 micron screen or 23000 litres an hour if using 77 micron screen (in gravity fed mode) 25% less for pump fed.
• Massive 150 litres of media for size of footprint
• Integral equipment tray with access ports on both sides of the unit
• Gravity and pump fed
• Digital drive motor with variable speed
• Auto wash sensing in parallel with forced 45 or 99 minute wash
• Full length downward flow, curved base bio section for optimum media performance and cleanliness – removes dead areas where bacteria can breed
• Corner transfer ports in the drum chamber to eliminate waste build up
• Continuing with our tradition of the concept we first introduced into the industry – completely modular parts design and 12v native power
• Designed and made entirely in the UK
• Dimensions – 1180(L) x 865(H) x 608(W)

The remotely sited controller has start / emergency stop buttons and a knob allowing you to change the length of wash. LED indicator shows the length of time between washes in minutes. It also has 2 leads – one to plug in to the mains supply (110v and 230v, auto selectable) and one to plug in to the drum. Status of the unit is via 4 colour coded LEDs. We didn’t think we could make it any simpler than that.

Low voltage, sealed water valves and drive units utilising an extremely low geared direct drive system mean that only 12 volts is anywhere near your pond water.

The Draco Drum Medius Combi unit was designed to run without a noisy and power hungry wash pump in most circumstances (they are available if required) . On standby the unit can use less than 1.2 watts and in full wash mode, use 35 watts. It is entirely possible to run it off a car battery for prolonged periods of time.