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Evolve 1000mm three tier shower and Base

Evolve 1000mm three tier shower and Base

Park Farm Fisheries Koi Sales

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Evolve Shower 1000mm Three Tier Shower with full weir Base

Overall dimensions are; 1000 mm long x 260 mm wide x 900 mm tall.

Supplied with a 2-inch removable spray bar should the user wish to drill more holes.

Extra tiers can be purchased separately should a larger capacity shower be required.

The Evolve Shower comes with the standard waterfall type base to sit on the pond wall but can be ordered with a piped base if required to allow the outflow to be piped to a certain location.

A two-spray bar top tier of the shower is available if extra water volume is required.

This shower has a recommended maximum flow rate of 5,000 gallons per hour (20,000 litres).