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JBL Pro Pond Sterlet
JBL Pro Pond Sterlet
JBL Pro Pond Sterlet
JBL Pro Pond Sterlet

JBL Pro Pond Sterlet

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JBL ProPond Sterlet Food provides a naturally balanced, year round diet ideal for sturgeons and sterlets. ProPond Sterlet Food is a sinking pellet food, available in 3 sizes; 3mm, 6mm and 9mm.

Sturgeons are very special fish. Their body shape indicates their way of life: They swim near the ground and use their barbels (chemosensor organ) to feel for small invertebrates, which they would eat in the wild. JBL ProPond Sterlet has been adapted to suit these eating habits, both in its composition (increased share of invertebrates) and in its sinking behaviour.

Even if sturgeons can learn to feed at the water surface, this feeding behaviour doesn’t represent their natural behaviour and harbours the risk of excessive air swallowing. Sturgeons should always be fed with their own food because it has a dedicated composition and the sturgeons could hurt the koi’s mucous membrane with their bone plates when fighting for their food.

JBL ProPond Sterlet Food Feeding Guide:
- Food size Small Pellet (3mm) for fish 10-30 cm
- Food size Medium Pellet (6mm) for fish 30-60 cm
- Food size Large Pellet (9mm) for fish 60-90 cm

Top Tip:
Feed your goldfish and koi on the surface at a corner of the pond and your sturgeons with ProPond Sterlet Food at the other corner.