Japan Spring trip 2023

Japan Spring trip 2023

February 1st 8.40am

We bored the plane for our long journey ahead to nagoaka. 

 February 2nd


Arrived at Haneda airport and off we go to find the monorail and shinikshan to Niigata. 

1.00pm Japan time we finally get to Nagoaka station and it a small wark to our hotel New Otani. Once checked in we dropped our bags off and headed straight off to Ojiya to Marusei koi farm to check out some stock.We had a good look around and could see that there were plenty to choose for our customers requests. I decided myself to wait a few days and come back.


5pm Japan time 

After Marusei we headed back to our hotel in Nagoaka to freshen up and go get a bite to eat. We found a traditional Japanese restaurant below.

February 3rd.

7:30am Breakfast and then off to Oofuchi first thing. The snowfall is alot this year, so it can make things a little slower to get around. When we arrived at Oofuchi we had a quick look at this this year's tosai ponds, and as always very good healthy fish.We also had a look at he sansai ponds before we started selecting his nissai. I manage just one box here and was very pleased with the selection I made.


Selected Nissai 30-40cm

Gin Matsuba, Tancho Goshiki x1 Goshiki x5 Tancho Kujaku x1 Tancho Doitsu Kujaku x1 Beni Kikukuryu x1 Matsukawabake x1 ochiba x1 Hariwake x1.


After Oofuchi we were feeling hungry, so made a stop at the Philippines restaurant in Nagoaka for a bite to eat. We then made are way over to Miyatora koi farm to look at his stock. I always like coming here, but the nissai I was interested in we're all sold, so we moved on to Yamasaki koi farm where I managed to selected a nice box of nissai. 


Miyatora koi house 

 Selected nissai from Yamasaki koi farm.

Ginrin Ochiba x4 Doitsu Hariwake x2 Gin Shiro Utsuri x2 Kinki Utsuri X2 Shiro Utsuri X1 Ginrin Kogani x1

Size: 32-40cm

February 4th 7.00am

Nice and early start with breakfast at the hotel and picked up at 8.00am to make are way over to our first appointment with a breeder I nether been to before, so this was exciting. 

After looking at his nissai and sansai I quickly made my mind up that I wanted to pickup some. I like going to these smaller breeders as you feel very welcoming as they look happy to see you.

Miyako koi farm






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