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Major Changes Ahead For Evolve Filters in 2019

Evolve filters have now been building high end filtration systems for over three years and for those three years I have incorporated Draco Drums in all my systems.

This coming year however will see some major changes mainly due in response to calls for higher flowrates than the Draco Drums can deliver and requests for “Smart Drums” I have been in talks with Burtons Aquatic Systems in Kent to design me a new drum exclusively for use in Evolve filters. 

The new drum incorporates advanced control and information options, allowing the user to select either the fully automatic plug and play option or the more advanced user programable option allowing you to select a cleaning frequency that better suits your needs. A drum rotation speed that guarantees a much more intensive screen cleaning has been also been employed.

The larger drum coupled with a slightly larger 60-micron screen will allow you a new maximum flow-rate of up to 35,000 litres per hour rather than the previous 25,000 litres of the Origin 25 drum. 

A high intensity Amalgam type UV can now be installed right in the heart of the drum to help combat the dreaded bio film build up on the screens, this is also controlled by a lid switch to ensure user safety and comply with all current safety regulations.

Amongst other things the advanced control system provides information on:

The average interval between screen cleans.

Total 24-hour clean count.

Total screen clean count.

Nozzle check facility.

The system pump can also be controlled by the drum control unit.

There is also an option to add an SMS module to send drum fault or power cut notifications to your phone or computer. 

Only the highest grade of components are used in its construction and the unit is covered by a two year return to base warranty.

To incorporate this new drum has meant a total re design of all my filters, the slightly wider units will now offer an even greater biological capacity than before. The off the peg units will have two x 4-inch inlets and two 4-inch outlets as standard but as always, we do specialise in custom made or bespoke units. The filter will also have a completely flush top doing away with the protruding drum, this in turn means a quieter operation and more streamlined look. The new filter will be known as the Evolve Hi-Flow. The first units will be available from late February and orders are now being taken.

Evolve Hi-Flo 

Flow Rates

The new standard drum used in all future Evolve Hi-Flo filters has two four-inch inlets and is fitted with a 60-micron screen and has a maximum flow rate of 35,000 ltrs per hour (7,700 gallons per hour). This flow rate is more than adequate to meet the needs of the majority of koi keepers. A 30-watt Amalgam type UV fits directly into the centre of the drum. 

Drum cleaning as standard is via a magnetic solenoid valve connected to your incoming mains tap water, but for those with insufficient tap water pressure or unwilling to use mains water there are two other options. An onboard booster pump using drum cleaned pond water, or for the ultimate in cleaning water flow and pressure a bespoke small water storage tank and irrigation booster type pump can be fitted.

For the flow hungry people out there, three larger drum options are available upon request. The height and width of all sized units is the same at 760 mm tall and 650 mm wide only the length of the actual drum changes, the standard drum screen is 300 mm long.

The specifications of the drum range are;

EBD-300 up to 35,000 LPH (7,700 GPH)

EBD-500 up to 55,000 LPH (12,000 GPH)

EBD-700 up to 75,000 LPH (16,500 GPH) 

EBD-1000 up to 100,000 LPH (22,000 GPH)

All drums are available as standalone units or drum combi units with integral or standalone biological chambers.

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