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Air pump 150

Air pump 150

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Oxygen is vital to all pond inhabitants whether these inhabitants are your livestock or the bacteria responsible for the breakdown of waste products. The primary functions of the Evolution Aqua 150 Air Pump is to "fluidise" the Kaldness media, and to maintain an aerobic environment for the bacteria.

The Evolution Aqua 150 Air Pump has been tested and proven to provide the highest air delivery on the market at any given depth, and to be economical and totally reliable. The Evolution Aqua 150 Air Pump is weather resistant (manufactured from aluminium) and comes with a thermal protection device fitted as standard.

Evolution Aqua 150 Air Pump Spec:

  • Airflow - 150 litres
  • Airflow - 119 litres / min at 2m depth
  • Voltage - 230v
  • Wattage - 108w / 108w
  • Frequency - 50hz
  • Noise Level - 52db / 53db
  • Weight - 12.4 kg
  • 2 year warranty period
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