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Amalgam Submersible UV 40 watt

Amalgam Submersible UV 40 watt

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The Amalgam Submersible UV 40 watt are the most effective form of uvc to date !

The Air Aqua Amalgam provides radiation with a wavelength of 253.7nm which is generated by the special light source UV lamp, Ensuring a lethal effect on bacterial.

The  Amalgam UV radiation neutralizes bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms, stopping them form multiplying. The unit has a built in high frequency electronic ballast which absorbs current fluctuations and protects the lamp inside the unit.

Amalgam Submersible UV 40 watt specification:

  • For Ponds up to 35 m3 – 7500 gallons
  • Energy-saving: Amalgam saves 50-70% compared to normal TL-lamps
  • Optimal operation up to 16,000 (amalgam) hours
  • Short length: ideal for integration for Sieves or Drum Filters
  • No resistance in the system (extra pipework)
  • Length 50 cm

The Amalgam Submersible UV 40 watt lamp is not affected by temperature fluctuation in the water and generates a constant powerful output and is know as being the most powerful uv-c on the market !

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