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Aquatic Compost

Aquatic Compost

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Westland Aquatic Compost

Specially formulated for healthy, strong aquatic plants. It contains sterilised loam and grit to allow safe cultivation of submerged plants in ponds, rock pools and all garden situations. It contains a specially formulated slow release nutrient source that prevents excess plant food from leaching into water and encouraging algae to grow.

This nutrient source encourages healthy plant growth without attracting unwanted Blanket Weed whilst at the same time, protecting the purity of the water.

Uses: For potting and re-potting aquatic plants.

Feeding: Most aquatic plants have a low requirement for nutrients and the nutrient source in the compost will feed the plants for approx 4-6 months, enabling the plants to fully establish.

Nutrient Content and pH: The compost contains a slow release balanced fertiliser complete with trace elements and has a pH of 6.0-6.5


  • Sterilised soil and grit for healthy aquatic plants
  • Slow release of nutrients to prevent leaching into water
  • Loam based for nutrient retention
  • Pack size: 20L