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Colombo Algisin No More Blanket Weed

Colombo Algisin No More Blanket Weed

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Colombo Algisin No More Blanket Weed is an effective and reliable treatment against blanket weed that is safe for fish and plants.

Colombo Algisin is an effective treatment for blanket weed removal in ponds. Due to the powerful activity blanket weed will be removed quickly within a few days. Once Colombo Algisin has done its work much of the blanket weed will decompose or be collected in your filter. Any remains of blanket weed can be removed with a fine pond net.

Colombo Algisin, when dosed correctly, is safe for fish and plants making it the perfect solution to keep your pond free of blanket weed.

Colombo Algisin Dosage:

1000 ml will treat 10,000 ltrs (2200 gallons) of pond water. 
2500 ml will treat 25,000 ltrs (5500 gallons) of pond water. 
5000 ml will treat 50,000 ltrs (11000 gallons) of pond water. 

Two treatments are required to get the desired results with the 2nd dosage required 14 days after the first treatment.
Water quality test strip is also enclosed for your use.