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Crystal Heat Pump (Full Inverter 7.5kw)

Crystal Heat Pump (Full Inverter 7.5kw)

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We have for sale a range of “Full Inverter” heat pumps.

Inverter heat pumps differ from normal heat pumps resulting in a 

saving of 50% compared with normal “on/off” heat pumps.

Compared to regular gas, electric and oil heaters you could save as much as 90% of your existing

 heating bill when heating a large body of water, whether it be a pond, swimming pool or hot tub.

The COP rating (the ratio between input electricity and heating output) can be 

as high as 16 @ 28 degrees ambient air temperature.

With regards to ambient air temperature, the higher (warmer) 

the temperature the better the heat pump will work. 

This being said these units will work down to 

-20 degrees Celsius!

As always, we recommend a backup heater is necesary,

as should something go wrong with regards to pond users, 

who do not want to risk loss or stress to their fish in the depths of winter.


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