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Easy Mix

Easy Mix

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  • Floating/Sinking Pellet Mix
  • 4.5mm Pellet Size
  • Well balanced professional Koi Food
  • High quality ingredients
  • Includes Pre-Mix to boost Koi's immune system
  • Low fat and medium protein content make it ideal for use as an Autumn/Winter food

Takazumi Easy Mix Koi Food is a well-balanced professional fish food, supporting colouration and containing the necessary nutrition for a healthy Koi life. Easy Mix Food is a mix of Takazumi Easy (30%) and Takazumi Gold Plus (70%) making it suitable for active and less active koi. Takazumi Easy is a sinking food, intended to accommodate the less active (Easy) Koi that withdraws from pursuing the just-divided pellets and awaits what falls to its share in the deeper parts of the pond. Takazumi Gold Plus is a floating food packed with all the necessary nutrition for healthy Koi, improved growth and amazing colouration.

Takazumi use only carefully selected ingredients to guarantee high-quality nutrition that will not cloud the water. The high digestibility leads to better water quality and considerably decreases the the load on the filter system. Takazumi Easy Mix is an all-season Koi food. Thanks to its sinking characteristics and the low fat and medium protein content, Takazumi Easy can also be used as an Autumn/Winter feed.
Quality Analysis:
Crude Protein 33.0%, Crude Oils & Fats 6.0%, Fibre 4.2%, Crude Ash 8.3%, Phosphorus 1.1%

Fish Meal, Cereals, Wheat-Germs, Soy, Maize, Sunflower Products, Amino Acids, Natural Minerals, Trace Elements, Pre-Mix

Vitamins and Minerals:
Vitamin A - 15,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 - 2,000 IU/kg, Vitamin E - 200 mg/kg, Vitamin C (stabilised) - 150 mg/kg, Cu - 5 mg/kg

Feeding Advice:
This food can be fed at any time of the year. Stop feeding at a water temperature of 4º C or under.

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