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The Filtreau Combi Next Drum Filter is a low-maintenance filter system that provides healthy, clear water, without the user having to perform daily maintenance.

The drum filter, combined with the 350L moving-bed bio-chamber and the 40W UVC Amalgam module, makes the filter suitable for (koi-)ponds up to as much as 45,000L!

The Biological side will hold around 200 ltrs of moving bed media such as Evolution Aqua K1 or The Oase Hel-X13 Media, which when matured will be capable of processing  approx 1200 grams of fish food per day.

The system is fitted as standard with 3 inlets (110mm) and 2 outlets (110mm). A waterflow of more than 30 m3/h can be achieved with this system!

The in/outlets are all at the front, making it ideal to retro fit to existing koi ponds inplace of existing filters
  • Incl. 40W UV-C Amalgam
  • Max flow rate: 30,000 litre / 6600 gallon (UK)
  • 350 litre moving bed
  • 3 x inlets 2 x outlets (110mm)
Length: 93cm
Width: 104cm
Height: 102cm