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Hikari Freind

Hikari Freind

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Hikari Friend is an Economical, Daily Diet For your Koi And Pond Fish, offering basic nutrition to allow your pond fish to live a long and healthy life.

Hikari Friend is a large pellet Koi specific formulated balanced diet that will keep your Koi in the best of health!

An economical daily diet offering basic nutrition to allow your Koi to live a long and healthy life. A well balanced Koi nutritional package suitable for Koi owners that want excellent value for money AND healthy Koi. High in stabilized Vitamin C. Advanced production processes ensure a Koi food that will never cloud or stain your pond water. Floating pellets allow you to easily monitor the amount of food your Koi are eating helping to prevent any accidental over feeding situations.

Recommended for all types of fish including Koi normally kept in a pond environment.

Hikari Friend comes in an economical one size fits all bag of 10kg in a large pellet size.

Hikari Friend provides a well balanced nutritional package providing basic nutrition without offering color enhancement or superior growth characteristics, furthermore offering the consumer excellent value for their money, yet provides adequate nutrition to keep their pond fish healthy.
Floating foods allow you to easily monitor and adjust the amount of food fed to avoid over-feeding.

Hikari Friend Koi food Guaranteed Analysis:


Crude Protein Crude Fat Crude Fiber Moisture Crude Ash
min. 30% min. 4% max. 5% max. 10% max. 10%
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