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K+ Advanced Filter 36"

K+ Advanced Filter 36"

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Evolution Aqua have re-designed the K1 Micro Beadfilters for 2017 to offer new and improved performance.

These game changing filtration systems completely re-invent the way we think about bead filters. Rather than using conventional beads as their principle filter media, our filters use K1 Micro.

K1 Micro offers a whole range of benefits over beads including:

- improved biological filtration
- better mechanical filtration
- improved flow
- reduced back pressure on pumps
- increased protected surface area
- improved internal design 
- re-designed internal pipework 

Max Pond Size - 91,000 Litres
Diameter - 36 inch
Volume of K1 Micro - 250 Litres
Multi-Port Valve Size - 2 inch
Air Blower Size - 300w


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