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Mud Booster

Mud Booster

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JPD Mud Booster is a very high quality clay which contains over 85% of pure Montmorillonite, considerably higher than other leading brands. Not only does it have such a high purity level, this clay is mined in Japan. One of only a few clays on the Koi market that originates from the home of Koi. The clay is mined in the Yasawagi Mountains, Akita district of Japan which is also home to the famous “Refresh Powder” clay also known as the white magic powder. 

JPD Mud Booster consists of 67 minerals that includes 16 essential minerals such as silicic acid, aluminium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and more. The unique structure is made up of crystal layers that are a nanometer thick. As a result, there is a huge surface area of 750 m2 per gram. This surface area allows great absorption of toxins, and binding of organic substances. As these substances are absorbed and flocculated by the clay, the filter is far more efficient at removing these substances from the water. The powder is very fine, making it extremely easy to dissolve. Once fully dissolved in the pond, you’ll achieve crystal clear water that looks bright and alive.

Direct benefits of JPD Mud Booster for your pond water:

  • Neutralises and stores waste, toxins, metals.
  • Binding of organic substances such as algae and colours.
  • Accelerated disposal of undesirable substances in your pond.
  • Crystal clear water pond with a soft glow.
  • Algae growth is largely suppressed by the removal of nutrients that algae thrives on.
  • Stabilises the hardness and acidity of your pond water.


Direct benefits of JPD Mud Booster for Your Koi:

  • Due to less toxins and added minerals to your pond, skin quality of your koi can improve significantly.
  • The addition of key minerals that your water may lack can ensure the improvement of the immune system in the Koi.
  • Improvement in digestion and better resistance against viruses/disease. 
  • Trace elements can encourage and increase the healing capability of damaged koi. 
  • Notably better sumi development with the addition of calcium, magnesium and silicates into the water. 
  • Increased appetite, more confident koi.


How to use ? 

Firstly, being a natural product this clay is impossible to overdose. If dosing to the pond directly, it is advised to turn the U.V. off for 24 hours. 


Assuming a water change of 10% per week. 

Use 10 grams to every 1000 litres of pond water. e.g. For a 5000 litre pond, add 50 grams of clay. 

Dose every 2 to 4 weeks. If you change more water, then increase the dose frequency.

Add to a clean bucket/container of pond water, stir, and distribute around the pond. 


Sprinkle or mix the clay into your Koi food and treats. 

Initially the Koi may turn away from the food, but with a bit of patience they’ll familiarise themselves to the new taste.

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