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Oase FiltoClear 5000

Oase FiltoClear 5000

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The Oase FiltoClear 5000 Pond Filter combines innovative mechanical biological filtration with effective UVC filter technology through the integral 18 watt UV clarifier. The Oase Filtoclear 5000 filter is packed full of features which make it the fist choice in pressurised pond filtration for ponds up to 5000 litres.

The Oase FiltoClear range of pressure filters is equipped with the unique and user friendly "Oase-Easy-Clean-Technology" which makes cleaning quick and easy without the need to open the filter. Their pressurised design allows easy integration of the Oase FiltoClear Filters into the surrounding landscape as they can be partially buried and covered with the optional decorative Oase FiltoClear FiltoCap Rock Cover making them virtually invisible.

The Oase FiltoClear 5000 filter is manufactured from from high quality,impact resistant materials and comes backed by a 2+1=3 year Oase request guarantee.

  • Compact design
  • Combination of mechanical biological cleaning and effective UVC technology
  • Includes Oase Clear Water Guarantee
  • Ideal for supplying higher elevated streams or waterfalls
  • Can be setup below the surface level of the water if required
  • Patented Easy-Clean-Technology for easy and convenient cleaning
  • Easy-to-operate waste outlet function
  • UVC indicator light
  • Perfectly suited for architectural pools thanks to virtually invisible technology
  • Can be partially buried up to water inlets
  • Cover with optional FiltoCap rock cover, to perfectly integrate into the garden
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