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Pro Clear Ultima UV Clariier

Pro Clear Ultima UV Clariier

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TMC Pro Clear Ultima UV Clarifier

The new Ultima range of pro clear UV clarifiers from TMC are professional UV pond clarifiers for large ponds, or when a large pump is being used, as the 30 watt and 55 watt allow a greater flow through them than the smaller Pond Clear range.
Extremely efficient and effective chemical free way to destroy the green, single celled water borne algae which make garden ponds murky and unattractive. As water passes through the unit, it is exposed to ultraviolet light which kills the algae but does not affect any of the sensitive plant and pond life. As no chemicals are used, there is no danger of pollution or over treatment of the water.

Units come with lamp, and it is recommended that these are changed every six months to maintain optimum performance

Easy to install, the unit is connected into the water circulation system, a diagram is provided on the box, and connected to a mains electricity supply in the same way as fitting a plug.
The Pro Clear Ultima is designed to be attached horizontally to a vertical surface using the brackets provided and is supplied with unique rotating 45 degree removable hosetails, allowing the unit to be connected to rigid or flexible pipework in any orientation, these hosetails are removable to quickly disconnect pipework, allowing easy maintenance whilst leaving the unit in situ

The two-stage 45 degree hosetails fit 38mm and 40mm flexible hose. No gluing is required. Rigid 32mm metric pressure (not waste) pipe can be attached directly to the inside of the hosetails using solvent cement.

The Pro Clear Ultima units require virtually no maintenance and use unique translucent hose connectors which glow to show the UV lamp is working

*Please note, the Ultima models have been introduced to replace the 30w and 55w Pro Clear Advantage and Ultra.

The main factors to consider which size UV unit you will require are pond size, stocking level, the amount of sunlight the pond is subject to, and the flow rate of the pump you intend to use, ensuring that this flow does not exceed the maximum flow allowed by the UV unit that you choose

Product Specification;


  • 30 watt ; Suitable for ponds up to 6,000 UK gallons (27,000 litres) with a maximum flow rate of 3,000 UK gallons (13,500 litres) per hour


  • 55 watt ; Suitable for ponds up to 10,000 UK gallons (45,000 litres) with a maximum flow rate of 4,000 UK gallons (18,000 litres) per hour

2 Year Guarantee

Cable length; 5 metres

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