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Pro-Line Aqua Clay

Pro-Line Aqua Clay

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Pro-Line Aqua montmorillonite clay 2.5 kgs is a fine powder that contains essential minerals for better health. It contains a wealth of minerals and trace elements which are missing in most pond water. This natural pure clay product nourishes the pigment cells of your Koi like no other and brings the skin into a radiant condition. Koi absorb the clay minerals from the water, which greatly improves the quality of the slime layer and its protective effect. In addition, the minerals and trace elements make an important contribution to digestion and improve oxygen transport in the blood. It also promotes the clarity of the water.

10 grams per 1000 liters of pond water. Mix the powder with pond water in a bucket or watering can and spread it evenly over the pond. If you use Fish Pharma-Klay every week, there will be an improvement in the shine and color of your Koi. For regular use its 5 grams per 1000 liters.

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