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X CLEAR Automatic Fish Feeder

X CLEAR Automatic Fish Feeder

Park Farm Fisheries Koi Sales

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New model, now available with 3-knob controller for easy programming! Using an automatic feeder to feed your fish has many advantages.


  • You will get the most out of your fish by always giving them the correct amount of food. This makes for optimal growth and a more beautiful colour pattern for fish such as koi.
  • Smaller quantities of food are dispensed per feed, which is healthier for the fish and better for the pond. When the fish eat all the food there is no unnecessary pollution of the water and the filter is less likely to become clogged.
  • With the easy-to-program timer the fish can be fed 1 to 24 times a day fully automatically. You can set the quantity of food by setting the required number of dispensing seconds per feeding from 0 to 600 seconds.
  • The fish can also be fed by using external automation with one or more automatic devices.
  • Made in the Netherlands


  • Suitable for pellet sizes between 2 and 9 mm
  • Attachment bracket supplied
  • Electric lead 9 meters long
  • Food container for 7 liters